Machine learning benefits?

This assigment is a simple discussion for Artificial intelligence.

Looking through the small reasearch I did for the other assignment, Machine learning is the most facinating thing about being an IT student. And Artificial Inteligence that can learn from its own mistake without any installment of out code, or rather, it codes itself to be a better AI. It’s amazing how much technology has gone so far to almost be close to make a sentient being. Which is quite quite scary if you think about it more. The film Terminator explain the horror of Machine learning and it is not a pretty sight. Nonetheless we are advancing very well to reach our success.

Now, with that said, learning how machine learning works is also important. Since that nowdays, machine learning has become quite useable and more improved. Weather forcasts uses This to keep track of the weather , Google is inventing a car that can drive under any circumstances its facing , even some robots from japan are made to try to fix themselfs better. The usage of Machine learning will be the defining value of our future, since people want to be more convinient but not be productive at the same time.

With that Inmind, I do also have a small innovation regarding this. With machine learning, its will learn from its past mistake , it can help humans to learn the same way too. Lets say a simple machine that solves algebra and teacher Humans. It scans the problem and IF he was wrong, the AI will find a way to fix up the humas mistake, after that, they will show the human how to do it step by step STARTING FROM WHERE THE HUMAN GOT IT WRONG. Theres a whole big posibillity for education from this.

Machine learning is the future. and the future is now.

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